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It's safe to say that Gawker's irreverent lefty snark is exactly the kind of moral decay that drives The National Review up the wall. Nevertheless, the mismatched pair is united in mutual disgust over a proposed smoking ban in New York City parks. And neither is shy about it.

  • Gawker's Hamilton Nolan: "Despite the fact that smokers are nasty baby killers who should just go stand over there (no, farther over there)—people are not so hot on banning citizens from engaging in solitary activities in the park. What's next, masturbation?"
  • The National Review's Andrew Stuttaford: "The proposed outdoor smoking ban is a reminder that the anti-tobacco jihad — at least these days — is much, much more to do about control than health. The only question now remains how much further along the road to tobacco prohibition big government is prepared to go."

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