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R.I.P Myles Brand, who was...

  • President of the NCAA, where he...

  • Reformed academic standards for student athletes and...

  • Helped the NCAA increase its revenue, but is best known for being...

  • The president at a number of universities, most notably Indiana University, where he...

  • Famously fired the legendary and hot-tempered basketball coach Bobby Knight, and was...

  • Literally driven out of his home for it by furious Indiana students who also hanged him in effigy.

Columnists and sports bloggers remember Myles Brand.

The Man Who Fired Knight

  • He Made the Tough Call Brand, says Bob Kravitz at, "is known, and always will be known, for making one of the hardest, gutsiest, most fearless decisions in the history of American sports: He punted Bob Knight."

  • He Made the Right Call Terry Hutchens at the Indianapolis Star says Brand's decision to fire Knight was necessary. "For all of his accomplishments during his eight years as president of Indiana University, Myles Brand will forever be remembered for one thing. He was the man who fired Bob Knight. If that's viewed in a negative light, it would be an unfair characterization."

  • He Was Judged Unfairly's Hoosiers Insider reminisces about the Hoosier community's reaction when Knight was axed: "The thing I still find interesting nine years later is the way people changed their tune on Knight after he was fired. In his final few seasons at Indiana, there were a lot of people grumbling. People were saying that time had passed Knight by and that Indiana needed a change.... Then Brand fired him and it was as if no one really believed it would ever happen. I think there was a large portion of the IU fanbase that believed that the iconic coach should be allowed to leave on his own terms.... And unfortunately when people look back, the only day of his eight years of service to the university that they care about is Sept. 10, 2000. That's the day when the unthinkable occurred for Indiana basketball fans."

The Man Who Brought Integrity To College Sports

  • Academic Champion CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd writes, "In his heart, Brand wanted the NCAA to stand for something more than athletics. Under his watch, it became easier to get into school but harder to stay there. Athletes have to make marked progress toward their degree. That was a departure from a system that used to encourage 'majoring in eligibility.'"

  • Accountability Cop Sports Illustrated's Alexander Wolff says that Brand's legacy lies in enforcing accountability in both students and coaches: "Myles Brand did two things not considered imaginable during the 20th Century: Bring an out-of-control Bob Knight to heel, and hold schools accountable for poor academic performance in revenue-producing sports. Those two achievements will stand as a fine opening act for college sports' 21st Century."

  • Big Man on Campus USA Today's Christine Brennan points out that Brand not only upheld academic standards but made sure they applied to women, too: "When the Bush administration tried to weaken Title IX in 2005 by issuing a clarification that would allow colleges and universities to use unreliable online surveys to gauge women's interest in certain sports, Brand spoke out in defiance of the administration's action, saying schools should not use the surveys.The schools listened to Brand, not Bush."

The Man Who Made Money (the Right Way)

  • 'He Changed the Way We Look at the NCAA,' says ESPN's Andy Katz. "While college sports mushroomed into a mega-billion-dollar business, Brand fully embraced the delicate balance of the cash cow and the need to make sure higher education wasn't embarrassed. He wasn't perfect at this craft -- no one would be. But he honestly made the attempt."

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