Today's Columns: Catching Up on Op-Eds and Editorials

A round up of leading commentators on the debates we covered yesterday

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  • Editorial, The New York Times: Obama shouldn't give up the public plan "without first getting a strong alternative to achieve the same goals -- and so far there is nothing very strong on the political horizon."
  • Timothy Egan, The New York Times: Co-ops deserve serious consideration. " are built around something that's been missing thus far in a debate dominated by ill-informed shouters: the consumer."
  • Martin Feldstein, The Wall Street Journal: No rationing in the name of equality. "Let's not destroy the high quality of the best of American health care by government rationing and misplaced egalitarianism."
  • Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post: Whole Foods capitalism is good for you. "Is there room in a post-compassionate-conservative nation for a caring capitalist?"
  • Jonah Goldberg, The Los Angeles Times: The White House can't sell reform because it's incompetent. "Indeed, according to liberals themselves, these evil-mongers are a tiny minority, a bunch of 'Astro Turf' frauds. So why not ignore them and get on with the work you were elected to do?"



  • Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post: "Democratic elections -- which the majority of Afghans support -- are the only means of establishing any Afghan government's legitimacy."
  • Nick Meo, Daily Telegraph: If elections fail, the Taliban will win. "Nobody expects the Taliban to march in to Kabul any time soon. But they are there, waiting, if the government fails."


  • Maureen Dowd, New York Times: There's too much sharing going on here, she says. "Her interview in Vogue is accompanied by a leggy photo of the 47-year-old in a beach cover-up that looks like a fetching ad for a new, less embarrassing husband."
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