Round Up: Catching Up on the Morning's Columns

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A round up of today's columns on debates that we covered yesterday.

'Cash for Clunkers'

Health Care

  • Gerald F. Seib, Wall Street Journal: Americans have "a deep, almost inexplicable schizophrenia" about health care: "I hate the health-care system -- but don't you dare mess with it."
  • Robert Shrum, The Week: Democrats should not to panic in the face of Republican lies on health care. "Democrats can enact their health bill without a single Republican vote if they need to."
  • Anne Moore, Salon: Harry and Louise should "Say no to feeding tubes, ventilators, resuscitators, the isolation of ICU," and die at home, where it costs taxpayers less....Pat Buchanan agrees.


  • Eugene Robinson, Washington Post: We won't legitimize the birthers by analyzing them. "About all that can be said is that a bunch of lost, confused and frightened people have decided to seek refuge in conspiratorial make-believe."

Lessons From Palin

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