Round Up: Catching Up on the Morning's Columns

A round up of leading commentators adding to debates that we covered yesterday on Atlantic Wire

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North Korea


  • Dore Gold, Los Angeles Times: No engagement with Iran. "Only the most severe economic measures aimed at Iran's dependence on imported gasoline, backed with the threat of Western military power, might pull the Iranians back at the last minute."

Townhall Meetings and Birthers

  • The Economist: Democrats are distracted by a fringe. "...the people interrupting town halls do not represent a political majority. The country is about evenly split on health-care reform."
  • Meghan Daum, Los Angeles Times: August is to blame for mob madness. "At any other time of the year, they'd be relegated to the outer limits of cable access and the Internet. But it being August and all, August personalities wind up on prime time."


  • San Fransisco Chronicle: The right ruling. "California's prisons - costly, crowded and ineffective at rehabilitation - are at a crisis point. Sacramento should follow through on plans it has dodged for too long."
  • Eli Lehrer, National Review: Plan poses risks. "Today, the state is pretty safe. Shedding this many inmates — even though some will end up in county and city lockups — will inevitably let some bad criminals get back on the street, where they will commit more crimes."
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