A Round Up: Catching Up on the Morning's Columns

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  • Eugene Robinson, Washington Post: "Obama has consistently opposed even a comprehensive investigation into human rights abuses and possible crimes committed by the Bush administration. His reluctance is understandable -- but it's wrong."
  • Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal: "Liberals within government and without are betraying covert CIA operatives as if it were the very essence of virtue. Consistency, principled or foolish, has never been a hobgoblin of the liberal mind."
  • Wall Street Journal: This investigation is political nonsense. "The message that Mr. Holder's criminal probe will send to thousands of men and women is that they had better not do anything remotely controversial on behalf of American safety, even with a lawyer's permission."


  • Bob Herbert, New York Times: If the war in Afghanistan is so important, why is its burden falling on so few shoulders? "If this war, now approaching its ninth year, is so fundamental, we should all be pitching in. We shouldn't be leaving the entire monumental burden to a tiny portion of the population, sending them into combat again, and again, and again, and again."
  • Atif B, Los Angeles Times: The election in Afghanistan was rigged. "The international community, having expended so much to secure this election, must not swallow the industrial-scale fraud that took place."
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