Cambridge Family Ties

Getting annoyed at a report on blood links between Gates and the cop he feuded with.

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As Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley head to the White House for a beer with President Obama, ABC News reported that the two men may share an Irish ancestor. A shrug and a rueful, "Well, howza bout that?" would be one way to react. But a couple of bloggers on the right were in no mood for distractions.

"Here we have the Credentialed Media digging for their OMG, we're all one world! story," William Teach writes at Right Wing News. Teach isn't convinced the two men are ancestrally related, but he says the mere possibility "gives the media a good chance to discuss slavery and how evil white men are."

"Ah, the media is letting us know that we are all one, that we must heal," says Dan of Riehl World View. That's "fine," he says, but he's not letting go of the facts as he sees them. "It's an interesting fact. But it has nothing to do with an elitist jerk from Harvard and possible charity fraudster with a temper that Obama didn't have the good sense to keep his mouth shut about in a press conference."

Craig Howie of the Los Angeles Times is slightly more amused. "With the recent steady drip-drip of discourse from the White House on police and racial profiling," he writes, "we hope the Obama clan also keeps some Guinness on tap."

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