Letter from Washington: Woodward vs. Tenet

The former director of Central Intelligence George Tenet, who for the past two weeks has been the most comprehensively excoriated man in America, keeps an office at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. It is cramped and badly ventilated. He has had two offices at the school, where his title is distinguished professor in the practice of diplomacy. Tenet asked to be moved from the first after discovering that Douglas J. Feith, the former Under-Secretary of Defense for policy, who was one of the principal architects of the Iraq war, kept an office nearby. Feith, a neoconservative whose title at Georgetown is visiting professor and distinguished practitioner in national-security policy, has been a nemesis of Tenet's, and though Feith told me that he has tried to be friendly to Tenet-"I'm civil with everybody"-Tenet has shown no interest in reciprocating.
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