TV Club: <i>Sopranos</i> Final Season

Dear Jeffrey,

It's an honor to be commemorating the final Sopranos season with you (Season 6, Part 2, if you want to get obsessive-compulsive about it). I am neither a psychoanalyst, like the intrepid team of shrinksSlate employed to pick over seasons 3 and granting, in a show of unprecedented generosity, a full 60-minute hour to the dysfunctional Soprano family, as opposed to the 50 minutes they give paying clientsnor a mob expert, like you or Jerry Capeci, who did the honors for Season 5. Nor am I former Slate New York editor Judith Shulevitz, with whom you dished about The Sopranos in Slate's inaugural dialogue way back in 2000, which technically was still the previous centurya lifetime ago for me, and perhaps for you, too.
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