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With the help of some of our section editors, I picked a few Atlantic stories about the people and places (and platforms) in the news this week, as well as several classic Atlantic features that have nothing to do with the current news—a quest for namesakes, the genius of R. L. Stine, what it’s like to be too big in America. Read a few now, and return to this list when you’re in need of a little extra wonder in your day.

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Mara Wilson

Earth’s New Gilded Era, by Vann R. NewkirK II

Heat bears down most on the global working poor and developing countries, while their wealthier planetmates are able to evade the worst of the warming.


Watching the Outrage Over Cuties as a Survivor of Pedophilia, by Caira Conner

Detractors of the Netflix film have painted it as sordid and exploitative. They couldn’t be more wrong.


The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate, by Caitlin Flanagan (December 2019)

Why we need to face the best arguments from the other side

(Erik McGregor / LightRocket / Carolyn Van Houten / The Washington Post / Getty / The Atlantic)

TEEns did SurPRisingly wELL in quarantine, by Jean M. Twenge

More sleep and family time—and less social media—might have made the difference.


Am I What You’re Looking For? story by Imani Perry, photographs by Endia Beal

Photographs at the intersection of race, gender, and work

(Endia Beal)

The Everlasting Joys of Terrifying Children, by Adrienne Lafrance (October 2018)

Pop-horror writers like R. L. Stine see fear and storytelling the way the Victorians did.

(Tim McDonagh)

My Grandfather Thought He Solved a Cosmic Mystery, by veronique greenwood (November 2018)

His career as an eminent physicist was derailed by an obsession. Was he a genius or a crackpot?

(Livia Cives)

How to make a website, by kaitlyn tiffany (november 2019)

wikiHow embodies an alternative history of the internet, and an interesting possibility for its future.

(Billion Photos / Julladit Portfolio / Expensive / Shutterstock / The Atlantic)

The Weight I Carry, by tommy tomlinson (January 2019)

What it’s like to be too big in America

(Emily Haasch)

All the Other Julie Becks and Me, by Julie Beck (May 2017)

What a quest for my namesakes taught me about the meaning of names in the internet age

(Julie Beck)

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