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Masthead Weekly 06.28.19

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What to Know: Britain’s Next Prime Minister  

By Yasmeen Serhan

What we’re watching: The race to become the next leader of Britain’s Conservative Party—and, subsequently, prime minister—is well under way following Theresa May’s decision to resign last month, citing her failure to deliver Brexit. More than a dozen Conservative lawmakers have put themselves forward to replace her as head of the party and the country—a pool that has since narrowed down to the final two candidates: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

Why it matters: This election is about what everything in Britain is about these days: Brexit. Virtually every candidate in the race has claimed to have a solution to the Brexit impasse that has pervaded the country for the past three years, and the finalists are no exception: Johnson, who was one of the most prominent voices behind the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, has pledged to take the country out of the bloc with or without a deal by October 31. Hunt, who backed remaining in the EU in the 2016 referendum, has also pledged to deliver Brexit, though he is more dubious about the prospect of doing so without a deal.

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