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Masthead Weekly 05.10.19

What does the public want to do about race in college admissions? A legislative fight in Washington State is putting that question front and center for the education writer Adam Harris this week.

What to Know: Washington’s Repeal of a 20-Year Ban on Affirmative Action

By Adam Harris

What we’re watching: All eyes in the college-admissions world—at least of those thinking about race in admissions—have been trained on the East Coast: at Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, institutions that are being sued over their use of affirmative action. But changes are under way across the country. In a Sunday-night vote in April, state lawmakers in Washington passed an initiative that would end the state’s 20-year ban on affirmative action. It was an unprecedented move; while voters in California, Michigan, and other states have banned the use of race in college admissions, Washington’s legislature is the first to overturn that ban.

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