Baltimore Harbor in 1973Jim Pickerell / AP

Masthead Weekly 04.12.19

What does it take to get city dwellers to go from caring about environmental issues to acting on them? CityLab’s Linda Poon is here to bring you the latest answer to that question, but first, she wants to introduce you to someone special.

What to Know: Cities’ Environmental Nudges

By Linda Poon

What we’re watching: Mr. Trash Wheel in downtown Baltimore is as lovable as floating garbage wheels get, with his big googly eyes and his witty humor. His cause is admirable, too. Since 2014, he’s cleaned out more than 1.5 million pounds of garbage from the Inner Harbor, which city officials are trying to make swimmable by 2020. So imagine my incredulity when a local environmentalist confessed to me, with fervor, that he hates Mr. Trash Wheel.

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