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Masthead Weekly 03.29.19

The staff writer Joe Pinsker, who has eaten the same lunch at work for years, was curious about who else shared his habit. In today’s newsletter, Joe describes discovering a world of same-lunch eaters after reporting out his question.

What to Know: The Joy of a “Boring” Lunch

By Joe Pinsker

What we’re eating watching: Earlier this month, I wrote an article about people who eat the same thing for lunch every day, including one guy who brought a peanut-butter sandwich to work for about 25 years. People form these lunchtime rituals for many reasons—some told me it’s one fewer thing to worry about, others said it was cost-effective, and still others had more individualized reasons. The story had a personal element as well: I myself have been eating the same lunch at work for about five years now (bean-and-cheese soft tacos, greens, baby carrots, and whatever fruit’s in season).

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