Nicole Xu

Good news, book lovers: We’re bringing back The Masthead’s book club. Join us, starting now, for a month-long discussion of fiction and nonfiction. You’ll meet some new friends in the process—our new project is a collaboration with The Atlantic’s Books Briefing newsletter.

Here’s how it’ll work.

Every month, we'll host a discussion in the Masthead forums focused on a theme (not, as many book clubs do, on a single book). We're hoping this means anyone and everyone can participate. Even if you haven’t read Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Trump, for example, you can still discuss evangelicalism and politics—especially if you’re reminded of another book with a different take on the subject. Novels, memoirs, poetry, biographies; whatever your reading tastes, we want to hear what the books you’re reading have made you think about.

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