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The Atlantic has been busy this week. We’ve brought you the 50 most unthinkable moments from the Trump presidency, and, from the Ideas editor Yoni Appelbaum, the case for impeachment. Today’s Masthead Weekly takes us to another crisis altogether: the scientific scandal over the alleged creation of the world’s first gene-edited babies. Take all that news in, then join us on the forums to process it. — Matt Peterson

What to Know: The CRISPR Baby Scandal

By Ed Yong

What we’re watching: Late last year, a young Chinese researcher named He Jiankui caused an international controversy by claiming that he had, for the first time in history, altered the genomes of two baby girls using the technique known as CRISPR. It’s still unclear whether his claims are true, but they nonetheless sparked widespread condemnation from scientists and ethicists. And as more troubling details unfolded, it became clear that this was perhaps the worst possible scenario for introducing the first gene-edited babies into the world.

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