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Today’s Issue:

  • The Supreme Court hearings have prompted a national outpouring of stories of sexual assault, including from The Atlantic’s Caitlin Flanagan.

  • Christine Blasey Ford’s story helped Caitlin come to the conclusion that she did, indeed, “experience a trauma” when she was assaulted in high school.

  • On our forums, members have been speaking up, too. Today, three survivors from the Masthead community reflect on the hearings and on their own experiences of sexual assault.

  • A note: Some of these stories may be difficult to read.

“I Thought It Was Something I Was So Over”

As a 16-year-old, Caitlin Flanagan was assaulted in the back seat of a car. She’d never written at length about the incident until a few weeks ago, right after Christine Blasey Ford went public with her story. “I believe her,” Caitlin wrote in our pages. “She’s telling the truth, I said to myself, in a way that was neither outraged nor political, just matter-of-fact.” Caitlin explained to me why this moment has compelled so many survivors around the country to share their stories for the first time.

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