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Today’s Issue:

  • The Separated, an Atlantic documentary, follows Anita and her son Jenri, who were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border this summer. The documentary’s producer, Jeremy Raff, says he wanted to capture a story that went deeper than “the viral video clips of teary reunions.”

  • In today’s issue, Jeremy reveals how the documentary came together. He also produced a Masthead-exclusive video supplement that shares the family’s life a few weeks after the documentary. It’s available here.

  • Watch the original documentary here:

A Separated Family Tells Their Story

By Jeremy Raff

Amid the uproar over family separations at the border this summer, first-person accounts were scarce. The government did not make parents or children in its custody available for interviews, and later, when court-ordered family reunification began, viral video clips of teary reunions told only a partial story. What is it really like to come back together after forcible separation—and what is it like in the hours and days that follow that first moment of reconnection? I wanted to hear a separated family tell the story in their own words, as they experienced it. So I packed my camera and flew to Harlingen, Texas.

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