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Today’s Longreads Issue:

  • There was a lot of great journalism to read in July. We wanted to narrow down the many, many longreads published that month. And with your help, we did. The first winner of our Longreads Bracket is “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me” by M. H. Miller.

  • The authors of our two highest-ranking pieces, M. H. Miller and Jiayang Fan, tell us what drew them to their stories and what they learned while writing them.

Announcing Our September Book Club

We’ve settled on two selections for the Masthead book club in September.

Nonfiction: Political Tribes by Amy Chua. In her newest book, Chua argues that tribalism—the fierce loyalty that individuals feel to their own party, religion, or ethnicity—is wreaking havoc on American policy, both foreign and domestic. “Through [the] book,” The Atlantic’s David Frum writes for The New York Times, “pulses an evident worry that tribal claims are now overpowering national ones within the United States.” Join the conversation on Political Tribes here.

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