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Today’s Book-Club Issue:

  • To better understand the impact of Russian involvement in American politics, members chose the historian Timothy Snyder’s new book, The Road to Unfreedom, for the Masthead book club.

  • Snyder’s argument: Authoritarians like Russia’s Vladimir Putin convince people that they, as individual citizens, are powerless to address threats to their country. Eroding a belief in facts is a key element of that strategy.

  • He joined members in the Masthead forums to discuss the rise of authoritarianism in Russia and America. We’re sharing an excerpt of that conversation.

What Should We Read Next?

We’re deciding on a book for the month of September. We’ve assembled a list of contenders from member recommendations and our own reading lists that promise rich reading on political tribes, cyber warfare, and the Florida fantastic. Cast your vote here. And let us know your thoughts and suggestions for future book clubs here.

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