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Today’s issue, in three points:

  • Humanae Vitae, which banned Catholics from using contraception, turns 50 this week.

  • At the time, 52 priests challenged Church authority with a widely publicized letter of dissent. Today we hear from Chet Delaney, one of the 52 and a Masthead member.

  • The harsh response from Church leadership helps explain why there hasn’t been a comparable clerical protest among Catholics since.

First, a Q&A announcement:

This week, Atlantic culture writer Megan Garber is taking your questions in our forums. Megan’s recent analysis of Sarah Sanders, “The World Burns. Sarah Sanders Says This Is Fine,” was one of our most popular stories of the past week; in it, she asks, what, or whom, is Sanders representing and defending on her lectern? (We’re discussing that in the forums.) She has also written about empathy in politics, the #MeToo movement, the nature of celebrity, and more. Leave your questions for her here. She’ll answer them on Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET.

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