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Below, Masthead members can read the transcript of the February 7, 2018, conversation with Atlantic national correspondent Franklin Foer. He discussed his March cover story, “The Plot Against America,” and the evolution of corruption in Washington, D.C.

The recording is also available online, as a podcast, and as a downloadable transcipt. Eat your heart out.

A Conversation with Franklin Foer: The Transcript

Caroline Kitchener: Hey, everybody. I'm Caroline Kitchener, associate editor of The Masthead. We've got editor Matt Peterson on the line calling in from New York. Hey, Matt.

Matt Peterson: Hello.

Caroline Kitchener: Our guest, sitting here across from me in our studio is Franklin Foer. Frank is the national correspondent for The Atlantic. He is the former editor of The New Republic and the reason that we are all here today. He is the author of our March cover story. It's all about Paul Manafort, “The Plot Against America.”

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