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Next week, Donald Trump has promised to announce the results of his first-annual “Fake News Awards.” While we wait, it’s worth taking a look back at the long-running struggle between media and the truth. That history might surprise you. In today’s issue, The Masthead’s new fellow, Karen Yuan, reports that fake news is as old as journalism. What’s new is an interest in the truth. Here’s Karen.

America’s Interest in Real News is Relatively Novel

Fake news is old news in America—it’s been part of news traditions since the political propaganda created during the American Revolution. “Fake news has existed as long as American journalism has been around,” said Jacob Soll, a professor of history at University of Southern California, who described a world history of fake news in an article for Politico. “It’s the rise of objective news that is something different. The idea of objective journalism only really came about in the early 20th century.”

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