Jacob Myrick

This week The Atlantic wraps up “A Veteran’s View,” a series of essays written by veterans about their perspectives on American life. It’s worth spending your time on the writing, but you can’t miss the artwork. How does an illustrator create art for stories that are so personal? In the first part of today’s issue, Atlantic fellow Abdallah Fayyad takes us behind the scenes with the artist to answer that question. Then, to round out this issue on veterans and individual experience, I’ll share responses to Megan Garber’s recent Masthead feature on Vietnam.  

Speaking of Megan Garber, she’ll be joining us for our next conference call on Monday, December 4, at 1:00 p.m. EST. Register here for the call. We’ll be talking about her reporting on sexual harassment and the high-profile men who have been exposed. What questions do you have you about this new post-Weinstein world? Reply and let us know.

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