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A national shift as big as the election of Donald Trump will have ripple effects throughout U.S. culture, as artists and performers process the change. Masthead member Jennifer asked us to to dive in. “Who are the protest artists of our generation?” I enlisted The Atlantic’s culture experts to find examples of works of music, theater and visual art responding to the national moment. You’ll also hear directly from one of those artists, director Noam Shapiro. He’ll tell us why it’s more important than ever to create theater that can change minds.

Join us Monday, Sept. 18, at 1 p.m. ET for a conference call with Uri Friedman, Atlantic staff writer and author of The Masthead’s first exclusive feature, “How Germany Overcame the Refugee Crisis.” (You’ll get the recap and a transcript later in the week if you miss it.)  Hit this link to RSVP and get instructions for joining the call.

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