March 2023

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How everything became entertainment, activist short sellers, the French panic over le wokisme, and a nuclear-power reboot. Plus living with disability, a path forward for Republicans, Salman Rushdie, swearing, Gatsby, new fiction, and more.

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Illustration: small abstract human figure stands in between rows of huge glowing smartphone screens
Shira Inbar

We’ve Lost the Plot

Our constant need for entertainment has blurred the line between fiction and reality—on television, in American politics, and in our everyday lives.

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Black-and-white illustration of small figure casting long shadow in open doorway of large grid wall with stock data
Concept by Seb Agresti; Illustration by The Atlantic

The Man Who Moves Markets

Carson Block uses covert techniques to uncover fraud for profit. Now he’s under investigation himself. Is he the hero of Wall Street, or the villain?



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