November 2022

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The empty promise of the Sixth Amendment, Siegfried & Roy’s rise and fall, a Guggenheim scapegoat, and independence for Puerto Rico. Plus stopping election deniers, Atlanta hip-hop, Orhan Pamuk, ABBA Voyage, a bygone Boston, new fiction, and more.

Cover Story

painting of handcuffed man behind prison glass wearing maroon collared shirt holding black phone receiver with silver cord to his ear, with large tears on his face including one with a portrait of a smiling woman inside
Painting by Fulton Leroy Washington (MR WASH). Source: Malike Sidibe for The Atlantic.

This Is Not Justice

A Philadelphia teenager and the empty promise of the Sixth Amendment

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illustration with two gold-framed paintings of people pointing fingers at each other
Illustration by Guillem Casasús*

The Guggenheim’s Scapegoat

A museum curator was forced out of her job over allegations of racism that an investigation deemed unfounded. What did her defenestration accomplish?



  • illustration of a voting booth in a corner surrounded and trapped by red paint
    Danielle Del Plato

    Bad Losers

    Election deniers are a threat to democracy. The midterms could be the last chance to stop them.

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