September 2022

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The U.S. government’s catastrophic family-separation policy, Sterlin Harjo’s ‘Reservation Dogs,’ and two sisters’ escape from the Taliban. Plus an essay by Cynthia Ozick, “toxic” people, the case for bodice rippers, why rich people love quiet, John Donne, and more.

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photo of man with dark hair, beard, and tattooed arms wearing sunglasses and dark t-shirt with trees in background
Brian Adams for The Atlantic

Rez Life

Sterlin Harjo’s genre-mixing, cliché-exploding series captures coming of age as a Native kid like no TV show before it.

2 illustrations: a woman with black bobbed hair and dark-rimmed glasses holding a red book with flowers and bookshelves in background, and a German soldier with helmet and rifle
Maira Kalman

The Wedding Present

As a young woman, I had a friendly correspondence with a German soldier right after World War II. I’ve been thinking about the silence at the core of our exchange ever since.


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