June 2021

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Why Confederate lies live on, Black America’s origin stories, Red Cross quarantine ships, Brett Kavanaugh, and new fiction from Morgan Thomas. Plus the Appalachian Elvis, Richard Wright, post-COVID fashion, Stacey Abrams’s fiction, flip phones, and more.

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Illustration: 3 overlapping images of Brett Kavanaugh with different facial expressions (one green, one red, one purple)
Illustration by Oliver Munday; images from Chip Somodevilla; Saul Loeb / AFP; Michael Reynolds / Getty

Is Brett Kavanaugh Out for Revenge?

Three years after his polarizing confirmation hearings, the Supreme Court’s 114th justice remains a mystery.

Italian law enforcement and a group of migrants gathered on the prow of a ship
Paolo Pellegrin / Magnum

Purgatory at Sea

Off the coast of Italy, cruise ships are being repurposed as holding pens for migrants rescued from the Mediterranean.



Culture & Critics

  • Illustration: muscular arms flexing with a round halo shaped like the sun's corona in place of a head
    Illustration by Katie Martin; images from Popperfoto / Getty

    The Dharma of Working Out

    In her new memoir, Alison Bechdel runs, climbs, bikes, skis, spins, and Soloflexes her way toward transcendence.

  • 8 black and white photos in a grid: George Orwell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Hannah Arendt, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Susan Sontag, Jack Kerouac, James Baldwin.
    Popperfoto; Roger-Viollet; Fred Stein Archive; Martha Holmes / Life Picture Collection; Bob Peterson / Life Images Collection; Phillip Harrington / Alamy; Bettmann / Getty

    The Opportunists

    In Louis Menand’s monumental new study of Cold War culture, success owes less to vision and purpose than to self-promotion.



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