May 2021

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Return the national parks to the tribes, how we’ll remember the pandemic, a kidnapping gone wrong, and the women reinventing the Western. Plus American exclusion, Zoom justice, Andrew Yang, puberty TV, first ladies, giant closets, and more.

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collage of illustrations: woman alone; stacks of cash; truck with birds on wire; sketches of men; Nixon
Leonardo Santamaria

A Kidnapping Gone Very Wrong

In 1974, John Patterson was abducted by the People’s Liberation Army of Mexico—a group no one had heard of before. The kidnappers wanted $500,000, and insisted that Patterson’s wife deliver the ransom.

silhouetted man with a gun in a cowboy hat
Illustration by John Gall; Searchlight Pictures

The Western Rides Again

A new cohort of directors, all women, is exploring the death wish that infuses the genre—and proposing visions of repair.


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