May 2012

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How Facebook may be making us lonely, the genius of Kanye West, Muammar Qaddafi's grieving son, a profile of an iconoclastic video game inventor, and more


Dado Ruvic / Reuters

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

For all the connectivity of the social- media age, research suggests that we have never been lonelier. A report on what this epidemic is doing to our bodies, our souls, and our society.

Jake Stangel

The Most Dangerous Gamer

The video-game developer Jonathan Blow is his industry’s harshest critic. In trying to prove the artistic capacity of his medium, Blow may cement his legacy—or end his career.

Nathaniel Goldberg/

Kanye West, American Mozart

Intense and emotional, the hip-hop superstar has become a national joke. Could a concert tour with Jay-Z, his preternaturally controlled friend and rival, offer redemption—or disaster?

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