December 2009

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Hanna Rosin asks, Did Christianity cause the crash?; David Dobbs on the science of success; Philip Caputo on Mexico's drug wars; Benjamin Schwarz selects the twenty-five best books of the year; Sandra Tsing Loh on being a bad mother; and much more.



The Science of Success

New neurological findings suggest that “bad genes” can in fact be the keys to adult achievement—but only with the right parenting.

JuliÀn Cardona

The Fall of Mexico

The government’s assault on drug cartels has become an amorphous civil war that threatens to bring down the nation. A report from the front lines.

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  • Double-X Films

    Not just chick flicks, the movies of Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyers defy categorization and provide a sentimental education for everyone.

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