January/February 2009

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Michael Hirschorn on how The New York Times could survive; Mark Bowden considers the hardest job in football; Ta-Nehisi Coates profiles Michelle Obama; Hua-Hsu on post-white America; James Parker on Battlestar Gallactica; Wayne Curtis on the return of the classic cocktail; and much more.


Davis Turner/EPA/Corbis

Race Over?

An inside look at how the Obama campaign tackled the thorniest issue of all

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  • Thomas Fuchs


    A new report from the country’s top intelligence office predicts a fundamental change in America’s foreign policy—but not the change Barack Obama has promised.

  • Brett Ryder

    Imperfect Union

    A brilliant new book probes the intimate, unequal relationship between Virginia Woolf and the woman who cared for her.

  • Mercy!

    Toni Morrison’s new historical novel is a monotonous series of flashbacks, larded with anachronisms.

  • Jim Young/Reuters/Corbis

    Cool Cat

    Our new president has a feline’s legendary nimbleness and luck—but there are downsides to being a cat.


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