September 2004

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Alan Cullison, "Inside Al-Qaeda's Hard Drive"; Eric Alterman, "The Hollywood Campaign"; Paul Elie, "In Search of a Pope"; James Warren, "More Nixon Tapes"; Tom Carson, "Policy Wank"; Ryan Lizza, "The Natural"; Alexandra Starr, "Dixie Chicks"; P. J. O'Rourke, "Adult-Male-Elephant Diplomacy"; fiction by Christopher Buckley; and much more.


In Search of a Pope

Media commentators love to speculate about the power politics of the next conclave. They keep forgetting about the most important factor of all

More Nixon Tapes

Fresh talk about the Irish, the Africans, the Ivy League, and Chairman "Mayo." A selection from recently released recordings in the National Archives.

Florence of Arabia

How one woman (plus a disgraced Green Beret, a shameless PR lackey, and the wife of a sheikh) brought the Middle East to the brink of female emancipation. A short story

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