october 1967

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    Where Ghetto Schools Fail

    In this second of a two-part series on ghetto schools, the author, a thirty-year-old Harvard graduate and novelist, describes the sequence of events that led to his dismissal from one of Boston’s Roxbury schools—for bringing into his classroom reading materials he felt bridged the gap between the ghetto environment of his pupils and the prejudices and irrelevancies of their antiquated textbooks.

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    Maybe God Will Come and Clean Up This Mess

    How do ghetto Negroes look at the white world outside their decaying neighborhoods? And how do they explain or respond to the spontaneous violence and destructiveness of slum rioting? A partial answer comes from Dr. Robert Coles.

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    The tragedy of our exploding ghettos has historical roots in the false expectations of the Reconstruction era, as well as in the refusal of American citizens to sense the frustration and violence gathering in the slums. Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton trace this legacy.

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