April 1958

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  • Record Reviews

  • Venezuela

  • Red China's Trade

  • The Atlantic Report on the World Today: Washington

  • Mr. Kennan and Reappraisal in Europe

    Philosopher and our leading political analyst, WALTER LIPPMANN has had from the first serious reservations about the containment policy as it was applied by Secretary of Stale Dean Acheson and then by Secretary Dulles. In this paper Mr. Lippmann examines the thesis which was put forth by George Kennan in his Reith Lectures over BBC, an argument tchtch has had a far-reaching effect throughout Western Europe and particularly in West Germany.

  • Tranced

  • The Word From Space

    A Nebraskan by birth, WRIGHT MORRIS has tired at various times in California, at Wellfleet on Cape Cod, on a mesa north of Gallup, and now resides in Wayne, Pennsylvania. In 1957 he received the National Book Award for his novel, THE FIELD OF VISION.

  • The Middle East

  • Do You Remember?

  • The Tyranny of Abstract Art

    The vogue and lure of abstraction is a burning issue in modern art. For many painters and critics, faith in abstract art is faith in the future of mankind. But, having become a faith for a few, it has also become a fashion for many, and a fashion which threatens to degrade contemporary art to a mere badge of allegiance. Born in Vienna, ERNST GOMBRICH has been a member of the Warburg Institute in. London since 1936.

  • The Hooked Rug

  • The Years With Ross

    To be a Miracle Man on Harold Ross’s NEW YORKER was a summons that few of those lapped for the position knew enough to refuse. But the miracle proved to be the velocity with which the incumbents came and went. Poets, editors, writers, and men about town were hired, only to be fired, often for nonexistent reasons, after a short and painful interval on the job. This is the sixth part of JAMES THURBER’S series.

  • Russia's New Schooling

    A graduate of North Central College in Illinois, ALVIN C. EURICH took his M.A. at the University of Maine and his doctorate at the University of Minnesota. After holding administrative jobs in several universities, he became in 1949 the first president of the State University of New York, and since 1951 has been vice president of the Ford Fund for the Advancement of Education. The article which follows was written on his return from an examination of the Russian secondary schools and universities.

  • What Strangles American Teaching: The Certification Racket

    Has the certification of teachers for the public schools become an obstruction rather than an aid to good education? There is reason to believe that the abuses which LYDIA STOUT finds in the Florida system are paralleled in many other states. A faculty wife at the University of Florida in Gainesville.Mrs. Stout taught in the public schools of New Hampshire and New Jersey and has served for the past three years as an unpaid lobbyist for an independent group on the certification issue.

  • Beat Down Frigid Rome

  • Al Smith's America

    No New Yorker has a longer or more distinguished record oj public service than ROBERT MOSES. He joined the Bureau of Municipal Research in 1943 under Mayor Mitchell, became secretary of stale for New York under Governor Al Smith, and in his present office as city construction coordinator he has handled the hundreds of millions of dollars which have been spent on parks, public beaches, housing, and bridges. Mr. Handlin’s biography, which Mr. Moses evaluates, is the newest volume in the Library of American Biography series published by Little. Brown.

  • Catamount

  • Four Poets: Ae Kipling Yeats Stephens

    Spinner of fantasies, poet, and novelist who was at his happiest in the Golden Age of literary Dublin before World War I, LORD DUNSANY sent these pages of affectionate reminiscences to the ATLANTIC shortly before his death.

  • The Peripatetic Reviewer

  • Reader's Choice

  • Accent on Living

  • The Uses of Knitting

  • Guilty but Unfit

  • Berceuse

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