august 1948

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  • A black-and-white photo of the journalist Edward Kennedy
    Sam Goldstein / AP

    I’d Do It Again

    When an Associated Press correspondent broke an embargo to report news of the German surrender in World War II, he was pilloried for it. Three years later, he justified his decision in The Atlantic.

  • Henry Wallace: A Divided Mind

    A native of Colorado who entered Amherst with the Class of 1918, GARDNER JACKSON started what he calls his checkered career, after getting out of the Army in the First World War, as a bond salesman. Then came newspaper work in Denver, Boston, and Washington and his passionate defense of Sacco and Vanzetti. Mr. Jackson was Assistant Consumers' Counsel for the AAA (1933-1935); Washington representative for the Southern Tenant Farmers Union (1935-1936); legislative representative for John L. Lewis (1936-1940); special assistant to the Secretary and the Under Secretary of Agriculture (1941-1942); co-organizer of Food for Freedom, Inc. (1943-1944); assistant to the president and board of the National Farmers Union (1945-1947).

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