june 1917

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  • Ludendorff

    "In brief, one hears of Ludendorff, Ludendorff, whenever German officers utter more than twenty words about the war; his portrait hangs in every mess room; he is the god of every young lieutenant; his favorable notice is worth more to a division or corps commander than the ordre pour le mérite; he is, as it were, the esoteric Ulysses of the war"

  • Library of Congress

    A Father to His Graduate Girl

    “I look upon your bachelor of arts degree as a life-belt strapped around you as you stand on the deck of a ship that navigates a zone of danger.”

  • The Wives of German-Americans

    “They are war sufferers of whom, it seems, no one has thought. Yet much depends upon how they meet he test which has come to them.”

  • AP

    The Battle of Verdun

    “Neither in France nor in Germany, up to the present moment, has the whole story of the battle been told, describing its vicissitudes, and following step by step the development of the stirring drama.”

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