Mapping the Threat of North Korea

For decades, undeterred by sanctions and international isolation, North Korea has been increasing the power and range of its arsenal of missiles. It is in a position today to rapidly hit densely populated targets throughout East Asia. With an intercontinental ballistic missile, its reach would become global. The missiles shown here include those already in the Kim regime’s arsenal—the Scud series, the No-dong, and the KN-02—and those in development. (For more on the threat—and on how the U.S. should respond—read Mark Bowden’s cover story “How to Deal With North Korea.”)

# Name of Missile Estimated Range
1 KN-02 120 km
2 Scud B 300 km
3 Scud C 500 km
4 KN-17 1,000 km
5 ER Scud 1,000 km
6 KN-11 1,000 km (Submarine-Launched)
7 KN-15 1,250 km
8 No-dong 1,300 km
9 Musudan 3,500 km
10 KN-14 10,000 km
11 KN-08 11,500 km


800+ Combat aircraft
300+ Transport aircraft
300 Helicopters

260 Amphibious landing craft
70 Submarines

8,600 Field artillery
5,500 Multiple-rocket launchers
4,200 Tanks
2,200 Armored vehicles

Missiles and estimated ranges: Center for Nonproliferation Studies and Department of Defense; Nuclear Threat Initiative; Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Missile Defense Project. Arsenal: Department of Defense. Peninsula zoom-in: Department of Defense; Nuclear Threat Initiative.