Revisiting Vietnam

A collection

Low-Class Conclusions (April 1993)
James Fallows rejected a study claiming that all classes had shared the burden of the Vietnam War.

The Road to Hill 10 (April 1985)
Veteran William Broyles Jr. revisited to Vietnam a decade after the War and returned with this report.

Soldiers of Misfortune (March 1978)
A report on the veterans of Vietnam—and on the often disgraceful treatment they have received from their countrymen. By Tracy Kidder

The Fight for the President's Mind—And the Men Who Won It (October 1969)
Townsend Hoopes, an undersecretary of the Air Force who had spoken out against the War, revealed how Defence Secretary Clark Clifford had stopped its escalation.

How Could Vietnam Happen? An Autopsy (April 1968)
At the height of the War, East Asia specialist James C. Thomson Jr. described the power dynamics that had drawn American into Vietnam.