Eye on Iran

Iran in Iraq
An Atlantic poll.

Containing Iran
Cold War strategies might help us handle Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. By Jonathan Rauch.

Iran: A Minority Report
Mapping the rise of discontent. By Graeme Wood

Will Iran Be Next?
Soldiers, spies, and diplomats conduct a classic Pentagon war game with sobering results. By James Fallows

The Covert Option (opens as PDF file)
Can sabotage and assassination stop Iran from going nuclear? By Terrence Henry

The Nuclear Power Beside Iraq
What not to do about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. By James Fallows

A Post-Saddam Scenario
Iraq could become America's primary staging ground in the Middle East. And the greatest beneficial effect could come next door, in Iran. By Robert D. Kaplan

The Odds: Bombing Iran
By Terrence Henry

Flashbacks: Iran on the Brink
A history of Iran reporting from The Atlantic. By Elizabeth Wasserman

Nuclear Iran
An Accounting of Iran’s Path to the Bomb. By Terrence Henry

Book Group in Chadors
A review of Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in Tehran. By Mona Simpson

A Bazaari's World
To understand Iran—and perhaps even the future of other parts of the Islamic world—one must understand a man like Mohsen Rafiqdoost. By Robert Kaplan

Not Fanatics and Not Friends
The leaders of post-revolutionary Iran may claim to be keeping the faith—but they know how badly they need the West. What should we do when they say it's time to let bygones be bygones? By Edward G. Shirley

Among the Believers
A short story. By V.S. Naipaul