Piedmont Pleasures

Three great Eataly foods available here now

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Il Mongetto sauces This Piedmont producer makes intense tomato sauce that’s a great base for any sort of pasta sauce, but try the diavolo, a regional specialty made with tuna, anchovies, and piquant cherry peppers; it’s served with polenta (www.zingermans.com).

Acquerello rice Organic rice from the paddies of Piedmont, subject of the neorealist film Bitter Rice, carefully grown and innovatively packaged, with a delicate but authoritative flavor and the al dente texture perfect for risotto (www.chefscatalog.com).

Polenta from Mulino Marino Coarse-ground cornmeal made of a low-yielding, high-flavor corn—the staple food of Piedmont, ground on hand-sharpened French millstones by a Piedmont family that has redefined milling by following old traditions and finding new sources of ancient grains (www.formaggio-kitchen.com).