Win in China!

Watch subtitled clips from the reality-TV show that's teaching the Chinese how to succeed in business.

VIDEO CLIP: The Significance of the Show
Global business leaders praise Win in China

Two competing teams try to popularize milk at schools where the children have never tasted it.

VIDEO CLIP: Elimination Round
A self-made businessman faces off against a business-savvy new mother in the season's grand finale.

Some viewing tips from James Fallows: Background music for clip #1 is the show's theme song—really, its anthem of patriotism and limitless ambition. (The song's constant refrain is Zai lu shang, 在路上—"on the road" or "on the way.") Clip #2 gives a flavor of the weekly Apprentice-style team competitions, in this case an effort to induce Chinese schoolchildren to try that odd-seeming substance, milk. Clip #3 depicts a showdown described in the article, the final "PK" session, or "Player Kill," between "Wild Wolf" Zhou Yu, the uneducated, hot-tempered, country-boy finalist, and the highest-finishing female contestant, Ms. Zhou Jin, who delivered a baby midway through the series and whose strategy in this session is to provoke "Wild Wolf" into blowing his top.

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