A Letter From the Editor

Andrew Sullivan to join The Atlantic

To our readers,

I'm very happy to announce that Andrew Sullivan—author, blogger, and former editor of The New Republic—will be joining The Atlantic in February as a senior editor. (You can read Andrew's own announcement here.) As of early February, he will be moving his blog, the Daily Dish, to TheAtlantic.com, where it will serve as a cornerstone of our site—and as a sign of our ambitions for the reinvented site that we will be rolling out in the coming months. As an editor, Andrew will help shape the site and the print magazine, and he will be writing for the magazine as well.

Andrew, whom I've known and admired for almost 20 years, is a perfect fit for The Atlantic. He will bring fierce curiosity, intellectual force and rigor, and a sense of fun—of sheer delight in ideas, in truth, and in their powerful expression—to our printed and virtual pages. He will help assure continuity of The Atlantic's values as, after 150 years, we move more assertively into a new medium. Andrew is an honest writer who combines ruthless questioning of his own assumptions with a devotion to core principles—and those principles are The Atlantic's own, enunciated in the Declaration of Purpose in our first issue, in 1857: "Freedom, National Progress, and Honor, whether public or private." As a thinker and writer, Andrew is, as that same founding statement declared, "of no party or clique," and that is why, starting in February, he will be of The Atlantic.

As for the overall site, we will be announcing further changes soon. Watch this space.


James Bennet