The Way Hollywood Tells It, by David Bordwell (California)
Reviewed by Benjamin Healy and Benjamin Schwarz ("Cover to Cover", May 2006)

"A close reading of the narrative and visual craft behind the modern Hollywood blockbuster."


Awake in the Dark, by Roger Ebert (Chicago)
Reviewed by Benjamin Healey and Benjamin Schwarz ("Cover to Cover", November 2006)

"A greatest-hits collection from the famed movie critic, including interviews with directors, essays on a variety of topics, and the original review of Ebert's favorite film from each year between 1967 and 2005."


American Movie Critics: An Anthology of the Silents Until Now, edited by Phillip Lopate (Library of America)
Reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz, ("Another 5,001 Nights at the Movies," March 2006)

"Lopate aims to include only works of the highest artistic value. This book, he says, 'celebrates...critical writing that honors the belletristic tradition of our nonfiction prose' and therefore he has focused on 'film criticism as an art in itself—the magnet for strong, elegant, eloquent writing.'"

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