Who’s Who

A selective index to this month’s issue

Volume 297 no. 5 / June 2006

Adams, John, bipolarity of, 46

Adams, John Quincy, depression of, 46

Al-Timimi, Ali, alleged terrorism conspirator, childhood of, 69; spiritual education of, 72–74; Socratic self-conception of, 78

Ando, Tadao, polished concrete and, 124

Berlusconi, Silvio, myriad influences of, 118

Bobrov, Kiril, Russian soldier, endless hazing of, 89–92; shattered dreams of, 89–92; heavy-metal tastes of, 90

Breathed, Berkeley, cartoonist, as tea investor, 127

Bush, George H. W., voodoo and, 27

Bush, George W., tax-cut enthusiasm of, 28

Bush, Vannevar, as women’s booster, 51

Churchill, Winston, osteopath of, 138

Clinton, Hillary, post-Roe fortunes of, 65–66

Cohen, Rich, as sweetener historian, 126

Coolidge, Calvin, hypochondria of, 46

Crawford, Marion, former Queen Elizabeth governess, gentle tell-all of, 106

Davison, Emily, suffragist, suicide of, 49

Descartes, René, as demolition specialist, 87

Diogenes, loneliness of, 28

Eden, Anthony, osteopath of, 138

Eisenberg, Deborah, rare books of, 109; short haircut of, 109; Proustian sophistication of, 109

Eisenhower, Dwight, depression of, 46

Flaubert, Gustave, spy-novel preferences of, 112

Frist, Bill, red meat served up by, 15

Frost, David, as nude model, 139

Furst, Alan, spy novelist, maddening gibberish of, 110; as Flaubert favorite, 112; plodding eroticism of, 110–112; plotting mastery of, 113

Gantt, H. L., as Taylor disciple, 84; as Soviet economic guru, 84

Garfield, James, depression of, 46

Gates, Bill, as Berlusconi component, 118

Giuliani, Rudolph, pro-choice views of, 65; uphill battle faced by, 65

Goldman, Seth, as tea entrepreneur, 126–128; anti-soda crusade of, 128

Goldwater, Barry, as oral surgeon, 27

Grant, Ulysses S., alcohol dependence of, 46; phobias of, 46

Grayling, A. C., philosopher, as “teledon,” 95; as busybody, 95; nagging ahistorical tendencies of, 99–100

Hansen, Suzanne, former Ovitz nanny, tell-all memoir of, 104–108; Debra Winger and, 106; as food-fight participant, 107

Harriman, Averell, osteopath of, 138

Hayes, Rutherford B., depression of, 46

Henry, Thierry, French soccer player, English allegiances of, 133

Hibarger, Homer, management theorist, workplace illumination and, 85; as breakmaster, 85

Hirohito, domestic alias of, 123

Hirshberg, Gary, organic-yogurt magnate, example set by, 127

Hofstadter, Richard, as biography subject, 118; paranoia of, 118

Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr., eugenics enthusiasm of, 66

Hoover, Herbert, depression of, 46

Huckabee, Mike, Arkansas governor, dieting record of, 40; dark-horse potential of, 40

James, Henry, as New Yorker, 109; as interview subject, 119

Jefferson, Thomas, social phobia of, 46

Johnson, Lyndon, bipolarity of, 46

Johnson, Nora, on desperate housewives, 51–54; on elemental rawness of infancy, 54

Johnson, Samuel, idleness of, 118

Jones, Edgar L., World War II correspondent, on myth of Allied innocence, 96

Jones, Edith, as hypothetical Roe swing vote, 56

Jones, Tylenol, fictional pimp, implausible name of, 117

Kamman, Bill, as pickle expert, 126

Kandinsky, Wassily, cartographic style of, 122

Keeler, Catherine, Profumo paramour, as Homer Simpson forebear, 139; “Austin Powers choppers” of, 139; pathological chattiness of, 139

Kennedy, John F., shallow civil-rights record of, 118

Knight, Zat, English soccer player, as odd man out, 133

Krebs, Maynard G., idleness of, 118

Le Carré, John, narrative fellowship engendered by, 110

Lewis, Edna, as fried-chicken virtuoso, 126

Lincoln, Abraham, psychotic depression of, 46

Lopez, Jennifer, inscrutability of, 116

Luxenberg, Christoph, German Orientalist, warmed-over conclusions of, 116

Madison, James, depression of, 46

Magdalene, Mary, non-prostitution of, 119

Mao Zedong, as organization man, 85–86

Mayo, Elton, management theorist, Freudian influences of, 85; dark humanism of, 85; subtle coercion of, 85

McCain, John, perilous post-Roe path of, 64–65

Miller, Helen Hill, on sex-segregated telescopes, 51

Miyajima, Tatsuo, Japanese artist, indoor starscape of, 124

Mobutu Sese Seko, as agent of disorder, 15

Mondale, Walter, as Reagan tax adviser, 28

Moore, Roy, as stubbornness template, 65

Mullah Omar, as hypothetical cuckold, 138

Munro, Alice, as descriptive genie, 109

Murdoch, Rupert, as Berlusconi component, 118

Mussolini, Benito, pet octopus of, 113

Nestle, Marion, as nutritional realist, 125; on “liquid candy,” 125

Niskanen, William A., economist, as whiz kid, 28; as Starve the Beast skeptic, 28; as deficit Cassandra, 28

Nixon, Richard, alcohol abuse of, 46

Orwell, George, on emotional mechanics of sport, 135

Ovitz, Michael, tell-all nanny of, 104–108; Redford-related enthusiasm of, 104; Mickey Mouse anniversary gift of, 104

Owen, Wilfred, on insupportability of war, 50

Paul, apostle, relatively mundane qualities of, 119

Pelé, as homebody, 135

Pierce, Franklin, depression of, 46

Pinchot, Gifford, as “intrapreneur,” 84

Plato, as management theorist, 87

Poe, Edgar Allan, mysterious death of, 119

Popper, Karl, as falsifiability junkie, 82

Profumo, John, former British official, accepted ruin of, 138; good works of, 138; public silence of, 138; hair shirt of, 138; as anti-appeaser, 139

Proust, Marcel, sophistication of, 109

Putin, Vladimir, anti-hazing pleas of, 91

Reagan, Ronald, magical tax cuts of, 27; as disciplinarian, 27; political prestidigitation of, 27

Rice-Davies, Mandy, on extramarital shyness, 139; quotability of, 139

Romney, Mitt, as health-care pioneer, 44

Roosevelt, Theodore, bipolarity of, 46

Rosenior, Liam, English soccer player, as odd man out, 133

Rounds, Mike, South Dakota governor, abortion ban supported by, 58; plunging poll numbers of, 58

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, as management theorist, 86

Rove, Karl, Roe-related shyness of, 64

Schell, Theodore, broadband expert, on challenge of “last mile,” 130

Scott, Dred, abortion and, 57, 65

Scott, Lee, Wal-Mart CEO, health-care policies of, 38–44; mild-mannered aspect of, 40

Shakespeare, William, as management theorist, 86

Shaw, Maud, Kennedy nanny, genteel tell-all of, 106; Maltese childhood of, 106; Iranian sojourn of, 106

Simpson, Homer, as nude model, 139

Sinatra, Frank, osteopath of, 138

Socrates, merciful end of, 78

Speer, Albert, on effectiveness of Allied airpower, 98

Steinbrenner, George, as Berlusconi component, 118

Stern, Andy, SEIU chief, anti-Wal-Mart strategy of, 38–44; purple motif of, 38

Taft, William Howard, political drift of, 46; obesity of, 46; sleep apnea of, 46

Taylor, A. J. P., on English soccer exports, 133

Taylor, Elizabeth, osteopath of, 138

Taylor, Frederick Winslow, management guru, pig iron inspiration of, 80; on “large, powerful Hungarians,” 80; iffy methodology of, 80–82; foul mouth of, 81; endless successors of, 82–87

Trautmann, Bert, English soccer player, as German POW, 134; broken-neck heroics of, 134

Updike, John, unconvincing stoicism of, 114–115; tin ear of, 115–117; cultural illiteracy of, 115–117

Ward, Stephen, as osteopath, 138; as stealer of swimsuits, 138; suicide of, 138

Wilde, Oscar, idleness of, 118

Wilson, Woodrow, depression of, 46; anxiety of, 46; stroke of, 46

Winfrey, Oprah, as contrition-circuit staple, 138

Woolf, Virginia, epistolary righteousness of, 50–51

Zidane, Zinedine, French soccer player, sublimity of, 135