Who's Who

Volume 297 no. 3 / april 2006

Adams, John Quincy, foreign-policy demonology of, 98

Addington, David, Cheney aide, as imperial enabler, 26

Akhmatova, Anna, hardy muse of, 120

al-Harethi, Qaed Salim Sinan, al-Qaeda operative, disconnected phone of, 67

Allen, Dennis W., on James Bond anality, 100

al-Zarqawi, Abu Musab, as Elvis, 76; as master of disguise, 76

Andress, Ursula, resonant name of, 101

Austen, Jane, relative cruelty of, 118

Baez, Joan, as security risk, 69

Baryshnikov, Mikhail, football expertise of, 32

Ben-Ami, Shlomo, Middle East historian, acuity of, 99; “diplo-blah-blah” of, 99

Berlusconi, Silvio, as cruise director, 13; celibacy of, 13

Bernstein, Theodore, usage authority, on finer points of dangling, 137

Bierce, Ambrose, as combat veteran, 98; sardonic sensibility of, 98

Bin Laden, Osama, Nigerian liberation plan of, 33

Briggs, Anthony, Tolstoy translator, questionable necessity of, 115; as man of the people, 115; as slangslinger, 115–117; as pirate-movie impresario, 116

Buckley, William F., as traffic cop, 138

Bush, George W., near-dictatorial powers of, 25–26; Nigeria policy of, 33–34; perplexing stinginess of, 80; history’s verdict on, 80

Bush, Laura, sex life of, 16

Callow, Simon, kiltedness of, 126

Recommended Reading

Cameron, David, British opposition leader, as satire made flesh, 138

Carbona, Gene, former drug rep, near-criminality of, 83; as “King of Happy Hour,” 84

Carter, Jimmy, underwater maneuvers of, 68

Columbus, Christopher, savagery of, 138

Coward, Noël, as James Bond bit player, 100–102

Derrida, Jacques, as stumbling block, 71

Dowling, Levi H., doctor, as channeler of Christ, 117

Drucker, Peter F., as Newt syllabus entry, 37; on knowledge workers, 47–50

Eco, Umberto, as James Bond explicator, 104

Eden, Anthony, former British PM, temporary insanity of, 101

Einstein, Albert, as gypsy, 50; as bohemian, 50; as high-school dropout, 50

Elizabeth II, queen, delegating prowess of, 13; blurriness of, 13; as “pork butcher from Norwich,” 13

Fake, Caterina, Flickr foundr, airport ritual of, 135

Fleming, Ian, as Kennedy adviser, 101; as anti-Castro plotter, 101; as anti-baseball, 102; as antihot dog, 102; as anti-neon, 102; as anti-bosoms, 102; bottomless contradictions of, 102; as terrorism prophet, 102; Hollywood dreams of, 104

Fonda, Jane, as security risk, 69

Ford, Gerald, as master of suspense, 120

Franklin, Benjamin, enormous biography of, 120

Fulton, Kevin, former IRA operative, anxious retirement of, 53–62; concern of for “wee fish and creatures of the sea,” 60

Gaddis, William, potential irrelevance of, 114

Galbraith, John Kenneth, on aesthetics, 47

Garcia-Roza, Luiz Alfredo, Brazilian mystery novelist, sketchy plots of, 105

Gingrich, Newt, e-mail address of, 36; as counterfactual novelist, 36; as Amazon.com reviewer, 36; “Cheshire Cat coyness” of, 36; dataphilia of, 36–37; reading list of, 37; as Clinton womb-mate, 37; as Gore clone, 37; FDR and, 37; Ataturk and, 37; de Gaulle and, 37; Churchill and, 37; Reagan and, 37

Hadrian, emperor, as Home Depot founder, 124

Harris, Rolf, as Aussie TV personality, 13; as royal portraitist, 13

Hart, Gary, political twilight of, 36

Hatch, Orrin, as camera-phone user, 133

Hatch, Richard, survivor, as tax evader, 13; potential prison term of, 13

Hoover, J. Edgar, anti-Quaker vendetta of, 69

Huntington, Samuel, on institutional fortitude, 75

Indridason, Arnaldur, Icelandic mystery novelist, pardonable clichés of, 105

James, Henry, pet paradox of, 114

Jassim, Khamis Mohamed, Iraqi politician, Johnsonian wound-display policy of, 75

Jordan, Michael, as pharmaceutical sales rep, 82

Kafka, Franz, as sushi garnish, 108

Kennedy, John F., as James Bond fan, 101; juvenile taste of, 101

Keynes, John Maynard, as optimist, 46

Kirino, Natsuo, Japanese mystery novelist, as Zola successor, 108; black humor of, 108

Lamberth, Royce C., FISA judge, living-room hearings of, 65; cocker spaniel of, 65

Lantos, John, medical ethicist, on cobblerlessness, 93

Lee, Peggy, tremendous goodness of, 95; as Lady and the Tramp songwriter, 95; as Jewish basketball star, 95; as single mother, 95; as autobiographer, 95; as North Dakotan, 96; sexual style of, 96

Lewis, Jerry, as stumbling block, 71

Lewis, Michael, as Newt syllabus entry, 37

Lincoln, Abraham, dictatorial powers of, 25; gaseous quasi-mysticism of, 97

Lloyd, Henry Demarest, as Rockefeller nemesis, 44–46

Loman, Willy, pharmaceutical portfolio of, 83

Lovecraft, H. P., encyclopedic creepiness of, 117

Lucas, George, chicken dinner of, 132

Magdalene, Mary, ubiquity of, 117

McBain, Ed, immortality of, 105–106

McEwan, Ian, on magical irrealism, 105

Mitchell, George, political twilight of, 36

Moron, Jack, hard-hitting columnist, as Michael Wharton creation, 138

Nabokov, Vladimir, as Tolstoy fan, 118

Niven, David, as noncanonical Bond, 100

Nixon, Richard, as surveillance target, 69

Oates, Joyce Carol, sinister intimations of, 110

Obasanjo, Olusegun, Nigerian president, democratic reputation of, 33; popular mandate of, 33; wholesale failure of, 33–34

Oldani, Michael, former pharmaceutical sales rep, as diner veteran, 88; as cognac disburser, 90

O’Reilly, Bill, as test of will, 32

Pataki, George, tepid presidential prospects of, 37

Petty, Richard, political career of, 32

Pinter, Harold, historical sensitivities of, 138

Pynchon, Thomas, potential irrelevance of, 114

Reagan, Ronald, political patience of, 37

Reese, Frank, poultry farmer, on robustness of heirloom chickens, 129; as nurse anesthetist, 129

Reidy, Jamie, former drug rep, on pigeon-like pharmacist behavior, 88

Robertson, Pat, spiritual debasement of, 101

Roosevelt, Franklin D., imperial tendencies of, 25; Newt Gingrich and, 37

Rumsfeld, Donald, camera-phone ban of, 135

Sailhac, Alain, chef, on heirloom- turkey miracle, 128

Scappaticci, Freddie, IRA exploits of, 53–62

Scott, Sir Walter, preposterous home of, 126

Sherman, William Tecumseh, cruelty of, 98; as memoirist, 98

Simple, Peter, as Michael Wharton mouthpiece, 138–139; last words of, 138

Spector, Phil, itchy trigger finger of, 13

Spock, Benjamin, as security risk, 69

Springer, Jerry, spiritual debasement of, 101

Stewart, Martha, as chicken booster, 127

Swann, Lynn, as GOP MVP, 32; Baryshnikovian qualities of, 32; apparent youth of, 32; as official fitness adviser, 32

Tamerlane, as head contractor, 120

Thatcher, Margaret, intelligence intake of, 56

Tolstoy, Leo, translation-proof qualities of, 117; jagged fairy tales of, 118; ultimate humanity of, 118

Truman, Harry, as steel hoarder, 26; as NSA innovator, 69

Updike, John, as Tom Wolfe nemesis, 109–110, 113–114

Van Gogh, Vincent, as plot device, 121

Watts, J. C., as GOP MVP, 32

Wernicke, Carl, famed area of, 114

Wharton, Michael, British columnist, as exile, 139; laconic nature of, 139; Serbs and, 139; white Rhodesians and, 139; open marriage of, 139

Wilson, Woodrow, as “leader of the North American rebel colonists,” 139

Wodehouse, P. G., Long Island lair of, 138

Wolfe, Tom, as Updike nemesis, 109–110, 113–114; Cartesian echoes of, 110; as brawler, 113–114

Wonder, Stevie, as alleged Phil Spector target, 13

Yoo, John, as imperial enabler, 26

Zola, Emile, would-be successors of, 108, 112, 113