Who's Who

A selective index to this month's issue

Volume 297 no. 2 / march 2006

Abednego, civil disobedience of, 56

Abramoff, Jack, as potential DeLay floe-mate, 42–43

Althusser, Louis, charlatanry of, 131

Altman, Robert, overratedness of, 115

Anderson, Perry, as polymath, 131–134; anti-pub stance of, 132; on Confederate independence, 133

Anzag, Hassan, Moroccan barber, as Elizabeth Taylor acquaintance, 148

Bernhardt, Sarah, coffin bed of, 128

Biggers, Pilar, actress, as Mrs. Deion Sanders, 94

bin Laden, Osama, impending capture of, 37

Blair, Tony, as centrist tough guy, 30

Boxer, Barbara, as McCarthyite, 150

Buchanan, Pat, as big-tent Republican, 42

Bush, George W., as potential demolition man, 30; partisan dance partners of, 30

Buttermilk, horse, as room divider, 121

Byrd, Robert C., as McCarthyite, 150

Cagney, James, as “nobody’s clever ape,” 115

Canby, Vincent, non-fuddy-duddy nature of, 115

Chen Shui-bian, Taiwanese president, Olympic game plan of, 40

Cheney, Dick, undisclosed location of, 141

Christo, as Poe bedfellow, 128

Clinton, Hillary, as GOP coalition builder, 43

Cooke, Alistair, as film-crit anthologist, 114

Coolidge, Calvin, damage-control protocol of, 43

Croce, Arlene, critical chops of, 114; on Astaire and Rogers, 114

Dangermond, Jack, on consequences of geographical literacy, 144

DeLay, Tom, as potential Abramoff floe-mate, 42–43

Deng Xiaoping, as omen, 134

Didion, Joan, on John Wayne, 115

Ebert, Roger, enormous erudition of, 115

Edward VII, A-list funeral of, 92

Ferguson, Otis, forgotten film critic, surgical style of, 115

Firbank, Ronald, as handyman hunter, 128

Franklin, Aretha, as Rosa Parks eulogist, 92

Freud, Sigmund, on decorative interiority, 119

God, as “perfect husband,” 98

Gonzaga, Gian, love researcher, on science of cuddling, 70

Grönemeyer, Dietrich, anatomical teachings of, 132

Habermas, Jürgen, relative hawkishness of, 133

Hanke, John, Google Earth impresario, Kurdish customers of, 144

Harding, Warren G., damage-control protocol of, 43

Hardy, Thomas, as chronicler of death foretold, 129

Hawking, Stephen, German popularity of, 132

Hawks, Howard, codependency of, 115

Hawn, Goldie, repudiated aesthetic of, 124

Hayek, Friedrich August von, ideological intransigence of, 132; non-conservatism of, 132

Healy, Denis, former British chancellor, as political geographer, 150

Henson, Jim, homespun genius of, 60

Hitler, Adolf, decorating tastes of, 127

Hobsbawm, Eric, as radical-history doyen, 131; vanquishing of, 132

hooks, bell, as film critic, 114; unhappy medium achieved by, 114

Hudson, Kate, score-settling décor of, 124

Jackson, Andrew, as Ariel Sharon soul mate, 29

Jakes, T. D., nineteen-inch neck of, 93; as teetotaler, 94; Deion Sanders and, 94; as menu item, 100; on middle-class anxiety, 100; as figurative fig leaf, 101; start-up prep school of, 102; African travels of, 102–103; transportation ministry of, 103; endless supplicants of, 103

Joan of Arc, as debating point, 150

Johnson, Lyndon, unseating of, 150–151; vulgarity of, 150

Johnson, Samuel, on commercial innocence, 46; on women’s preaching, 150

Jordan, Michael, controversy aversion of, 102

Kael, Pauline, as pinball wizard, 116

Kahlo, Frida, as emblem of mediocrity, 117

Kawakubo, Rei, Capitol undertaking of, 128

Kennedy, Robert F., Hamlet routine of, 150

Kennedy, Ted, as McCarthyite, 150

Khatib, Khaldoon al-, Palestinian student, on West Bank Spiderman, 85

Koizumi, Junichiro, as demolition expert, 30; as postal privatizer, 30; as cheese connoisseur, 30

Krepinevich, Andrew, military analyst, strategic Rorschach test of, 108

Lagasse, Emeril, low post-Katrina profile of, 136

Lieberman, Joe, as “lonesomest gal in town,” 151

Lincoln, Abraham, funeral cortege of, 128; bloodthirstiness of, 133; Marxist following of, 133

Liu Qi, Chinese Olympic official, aggressive torch route outlined by, 40

Ludwig II, interior pathologies of, 119

Luke, evangelist, loose women and, 98

Marx, Karl, literary craftsmanship of, 132; as Lincoln man, 133

McCain, John, as demolition specialist, 30

McCarthy, Eugene, as regicide, 150–151; as footnote, 150; as poet, 150; “hinterland” of, 150; as no George Bernard Shaw, 150; perpetual candidacy of, 151

McGovern, George, as rhetoric coach, 150

Milosevic, Slobodan, as radical temptation, 133

Monet, Claude, magnetic personality of, 117

Moussaoui, Zacarias, trial of, 15, 36; as nutcase, 36; as ringmaster, 36

Myles, Eileen, poet, cardboard-box sleeping quarters of, 127

Nebuchadnezzar, tyranny of, 56

Niss, Abraham Moul, Moroccan rabbi, as cause for celebration, 147

Nixon, Richard, unpardonability of, 42–43; obscenity of, 150

Oakeshott, Michael, ideological intransigence of, 132

Parks, Rosa, A-list funeral of, 92

Pawson, John, British architect, frigid minimalism of, 123

Peychaud, Antoine Amedie, apothecary, as bitters innovator, 138

Phillips, Kevin, on political itchiness, 42

Plaster Caster, Cynthia, distinctive interior-design scheme of, 127

Poe, Edgar Allan, as Christo bed- fellow, 128

Post, Emily, as narcissism connoisseur, 122

Powell, Anthony, as social historian, 132

Rand, Ayn, as matchmaker, 70

Rawls, John, relative hawkishness of, 133

Rhee, Syngman, counterinsurgency campaign of, 16

Rice, Condoleezza, as fence-mender, 86

Rockefeller, Nelson, as big-tent Republican, 42

Sandburg, Carl, film criticism of, 114

Sanders, Deion, spiritual renewal of, 94

Sawyer, Martin, New Orleans bartender, trade secrets of, 138

Seymour, William, as black Pentecostal pioneer, 96; segregated apprenticeship of, 96

Shackleton, Ernest, as Google Earth data point, 143

Shadrach, civil disobedience of, 56

Sharon, Ariel, as demolition expert, 29–30

Shaw, George Bernard, dilution of, 150

Spark, Muriel, as bed-sit bard, 127

Stassen, Harold, dependable futility of, 151

Stead, W. T., Titanic clairvoyance of, 128

Stewart, Martha, Polish roots of, 122

Strauss, Leo, ideological intransigence of, 132

Sullavan, Margaret, unmentionable divorce of, 119

Tarlow, Rose, interior-design guru, ascetic tastes of, 123; as decorative loner, 123–124

Taylor, Elizabeth, Moroccan sojourn of, 148

Thatcher, Margaret, insurgent ideas of, 131

Tolson, Melvin B., film critic, anti–Gone With the Wind jeremiad of, 114

Trigger, horse, as room divider, 121

Tymoshenko, Yulia, deposed Ukrain­ian PM, as opposition-opposition figure, 15

Warren, Neil Clark, eHarmony founder, as Redenbacher ringer, 58; as “Dr. Warm,” 60; on Mister Rogers, 60

Waters, John, nesting instincts of, 127

Wayne, John, as auteur, 115; as Didion subject, 115

West, Cornel, delayed salad order of, 101

White, E. B., revenge of, 50

Wilsey, Sean, memoirist, as Soviet propaganda pawn, 119; evil stepmother of, 119

Wodehouse, P. G., as interior decorator, 117

Wolfe, Elsie de, childhood décor trauma of, 120; sackcloth pinafores of, 121

Woods, Tiger, controversy aversion of, 102

Woolf, Virginia, non-locust-related loneliness of, 128

Yuan Weimin, Chinese sports minister, trash talk of, 38

Yushchenko, Viktor, Ukrainian president, short honeymoon of, 15