The Puzzler


We predict you’re going to have some trouble fitting 11 of the clue answers below into the puzzle diagram. What makes us so sure? We’ve looked into your future with our paranormal powers of prognostication. The unclued Across entry in the center of the diagram reveals our message—and our medium. To make your progress all the cloudier, answer lengths have been withheld from the clues. There are six capitalized answers.

The solution to last month’s Puzzler appears on page 108.


1. Baseball player, one of the last remaining Reds, losing face

5. Overheated forms of public transportation leading to travel stops

stops 9. Fur-bearing shrew that’s not too thin in winter?

10.Someone like Grumpy or Doc finally cast

11. Remove a coat filled with down for father

13. Religious teacher rips something on TV? (two words)

15. Spike, seated in gallery, is sadder

16. Monastery’s head wears collar for a kind of support

18. The sound made by somebody hurting a lot?

22. Astrologers grunt after the first half of mass

23. Laramie may be developed into a seaport

25. Routine adopted by Greek god capable of changing shape

26. Minors team, in essence, displays passion

28. Dance in brown and green?

30. Falls overlooking large vaulted structures

31. Guides together with a hundred males behind barnyard shed

32. Wrong U-turn ruined end of drive

33. Something put around front of runway that’s not long enough


Drive into south of wood for secluded community of Hindus

Receiving wood with salt, look for a raw deal at a restaurant? (two words)

3. Unfinished strip dance

4. Army member, shelled, hit once

once The woman’s right address in Germany

6. Great review garnered by next poem (two words)

7. Eastern university with attractive name for a woman

a woman 8. Said NFL football player is illegal receiver?

10. Basketlike racket that’s French article

12.Each nun is a dogged person

14. Resolved Arab’s entire puzzle

17. Art supporter following Monet’s Last Flower

19. Board game is won by alien with a swelled head?

20. Young lady maintains “Time doesn’t run out”

21. Lowest musician’s sound

24. Boy I’m returning for Crete’s king

25. Prospector’s first gold found around recent mesa

27. Spray incapacitating gas on staff

29. Exclamation one censored from Midwest state


“ Honeycomb”

Border letters read “Spell with scattered nectar.” Answer: TRANCE (anag.). Clues. 1. THALER (first letters) 2. SA(L)UTE 3. C(H)ASTB 4. UTAHAN (hidden) 5. SIRE + NS 6. L(UP)INE 7. STUPOR (homophone) 8. SANDER (anag.) 9. NUTTED (anag.) 10. SWAM + I’S 11.1 + NSIDE (snide anag.) 12. DO + PIER 13. ERO DE)S 14. ERAS + ED 15. HETERO (anag.) 16. LLAM(A)S (small rev.) 17. A + Mt(D)ST 18. s + PARED 19. G + ARDEN 20. SALINE (anag.) 21. AMOR + A + L 22.HOM(l)ER 23. TERESA (anag.) 24. S(PIN)ET 25. PIP + A + GE 26. SING(E)S 27. S(1 + L)AGE 28. I(MAGE)D 29. PLANER (homophone) 30. P1N(A)TA 31. s + C(R)APE 32. C(A)RESS 33. R(EG)ENT 34. SLATER (double def.) 35. AERA + TE (rev.) 36. CANTER (pun)