Jack Beatty ("The Road to a Third Party”) is a senior editor of The Atlantic. He is the author of The Rascal King: The Life and Times of James Michael Curley (1992).

Joshua Davidson (“Salvage”) is an associate editor at Robert Bentley. Inc., a publishing firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His story in this issue received an Ian St. James Award in England last year.

Greg Delanty (“The Compositor”) teaches English literature at St. Michael’s College, in Vermont. His next collection of poems, American Wake, will be published this year.

Robert S. Devine (“The Trouble With Dams”) is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in Sierra, Audubon, and Wilderness. He is writing a book about dams.

Ian Frazier (“Making ‘Movies’ in New York”) is a writer of humor and nonfiction. His most recent book,Family, was published last fall.

Robin Caster (“Our Interests in Europe”) is the president of North Atlantic Research. of Washington. D.C., a consulting firm specializing in the transatlantic telecommunications industry.

Matthew Gurewitsch (“Cosmic Chants”) is a cultural essayist and lecturer in New York City.

Frank Huyler (“Moving the Hive”) is currently a resident physician in emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico Hospitals, in Albuquerque.

Steven G. Kellman (“Camus the African”) is the Ashbel Smith Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and a film critic for The Texas Observer.

David Lawday (“Paris Is Finished”) is the German correspondent for The Economist. He is at work on a book about France.

Nicholas Lemann (“The Structure of Success in America”) is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and the author of The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America (1991). He is at work on a book about meritocracy in the United States.

Ross MacDonald (cover art) is an illustrator whose work has appeared in many publications in the United States, Europe, and Japan. He has received the Communication Arts Illustration Annual’s Gold Award of Excellence and the Society of Publication Designers’ Silver Award.

Robert Plunket ("A Nice Place to Visit”) is the author of two novels, My Search for Warren Harding (1983) and Love Junkie (1993).

Andrew Todhunter (“Gale-Force Kayaking”) is an essayist and a screenwriter who lives in California.

Alan Tonelson ("Our Interests in Europe”) is a fellow at the Economic Strategy Institute, in Washington, D.C.

Michael J. Weiss (At Last Count), a contributing editor of The Washingtonian, is the author of The Clustering of America (1988) and Latitudes and Attitudes (1994).